Have you planted a seed today?

We manufacture custom hydroponic and other gardening kits. We carry a wide variety of parts and accessories.

Great looking product, really looks like a solid system, and the owners of this business are super helpful and nice. 5 stars all around! Thank you!!

Appleton, Wisconsin

I ordered my items during the Covid-19 crisis. They let me know promptly that there would be a delay in sending out the order and offered to cancel the order if I was not pleased with the delay. They were super polite and friendly in their email. I decided to keep my order and wait a little longer. I'm very satisfied with the product so far.

Quebec, Canada

These are awesome for small hydroponic gardens. They do all the hard work putting these together and you just add the water and air pump and voila!....

In Lak'ech

Love it always was a soil man but just what I've seen in just little time won't put a seed in dirt again unless outside. Never seen any plant grow as fast as they are in this hydro unit love it easy to setup and man the plants sure love it in less then a week they've came up grew 2 sets of leaves putting third set on now. Wow I'm a week can't believe what I'm seeing can't wait to see the flowers MH for veg HPS and led for flower I hope the whole grow goes as good as it's started plz treat my babies nice. They are very very healthy and growth out of this world!!!